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Online Boutique

  • Small Lara Shelves


    Rather beautiful freestanding unit with adjustable shelves. It has the brass "holders" so even a novice DIYer can adjust the shelves without having to use a screwdriver. This means the shelf is perfect to grow with your children as their books tend to be big when they are small and small when they are big. As ever, painted to suit your child's room.

  • Sussex Sofa


    All children need their own space and it's so nice for them to have a sofa they can call their own. For one, it stops them lounging on yours and, two, it's great for relaxing on when they have friends over - especially as they grow up. This sofa is so very special that several of our clients have them re -covered so they look as good as new after 10 years of service! 

    Do contact the showroom on +44 (0)203 544 2000 if you would like us to source bespoke fabrics for you.

  • Large Hairbrush


    This hand painted Mason Pearson hairbrush is popular with children and parents alike. Made with a nylon bristle mixture, our brushes are hand painted in our studio and can be personalised with the recipient's initial on the hairbrush handle - maximum 1 initial only.

  • Oval Mirror


    Another way for you to add welcome splashes of colour or characters to your child's room is with this wonderful oval mirror. With an incredibly feminine shape, this is a firm favourite with girls who can't get enough of our gorgeous children's characters or elegant designs like our Rosebuds or Roses and Ribbons.

  • Large Dragons Toy Box


    An heirloom gift - our hand painted toy box with safety hinged lid. Includes a cut out safety feature to protect small fingers, and brass handles on both sides.
    Ideal for dressing up clothes, toys, board games, bedlinen or towels - it's multi-purpose.

    This lovely box can be personalised with a child's name (single word only) which appears on the lid of the Toybox. You will be asked to enter the child's name when adding this item to the trolley. Leave field blank if you do not want it personalised.

  • Dolls House Book Cupboard


    One of our favourite pieces, this dolls house book cupboard is a great way to make tidying up fun. While it looks like a dolls house on the outside, the adjustable shelves inside allow you to hide away all manner of knick-knacks, toys and books.

    As always, our fabulous artists can hand-paint any design you wish on the outside. This can either be something of your own choosing, from our artwork range or from the images featured left; our classic Blossom design, the Queen's Jubilee Edition and Brambley Hedge. Please call on (0) 20 5344 2000 to obtain a bespoke quote on these designs.

  • Sussex Sofa Bed


    This upholstered two-seater sofa converts into a single bed and is a very useful piece for your nursery if you are planning on having a maternity nurse in the early weeks of your baby's life. Great for sleepovers when the children are older too!

    Do contact the showroom on +44 (0)203 544 2000 if you would like us to source bespoke fabrics for you.

  • Large Wardrobe


    Very similar to our small wardrobe in terms of style, this one has an added feature of a solid drawer at the bottom - ideal for when your children grow up and they really start accumulating a huge volume of sweaters and winter clothes.

    The second image is our classic licensed Flower Fairies design which retails for £3,306.00. You can choose your favourite fairies and have them dancing across your wardrobe!

  • Large Single Oliver Bed


    More than 20 hours of painting by our expert artists go into decorating this amazing Oliver bed and it makes a fabulous first proper bed for when your children have graduated from a cotbed.

    Cavernous drawers, which can hide a multitude of sins, sit comfortably underneath. You can have our nautical design with sailboats, or any Dragons artwork with details to match. Small size will suit children from age three to nine, while our standard size will last them until they're 12.

    If you're planning a big family then this will last for the Waltons! As ever, a fabulous mattress is included (90 x 190cm).

  • Large Bureau


    For those with a little more space, this bigger version of our bureau is just as much a hit.

    Finding a home in all corners of the globe, our timeless bureau is a treasure trove of hidey-holes and secret compartments, with miniature drawers and hidden nooks to hide your private possessions. A piece of furniture which will be handed down for generations to come, put your own stamp on it with any artwork you choose.

  • Large Portrait Painting


    If you truly want to capture your child at a certain stage of their life then a portrait is the way to do it. Our artist is world-renown and has painted some of the most famous children in the world.

    The process may sound lengthy but it's worth the effort because you will be left with an image that no camera could recreate.

    Before beginning the work our talented portrait artist will discuss the drawing in depth with you, either in person, by phone or via email. Preliminary sketches are made and photography may be used for reference. This approach guarantees a sensitive and highly finished drawing in her chosen medium, conté crayon, a type of chalk.

    Once the commission is to proceed, a date is arranged for the sitting (anywhere in the London area). Only a one-hour sitting is required, during which some reference photographs are taken and the essential sketches made. These are taken back to the studio where a finished drawing is worked up measuring approximately 58 x 49 cm. A month later the completed portrait is delivered in a washlined, bevelled mount, hand-crafted on acid-free museum board with hinged backing.

    Portrait can be framed (which is priced separately).

  • Large Lara Shelves


    Like a fine-toned athlete, this is just a taller and leaner version of our small lara shelves. Again, it has the brass "holders" so even a novice DIYer can adjust the shelves without having to use a screwdriver. This means the shelf is perfect to grow with your children as their books tend to be big when they are small and small when they are big. As ever, painted to suit your child's room.

  • Small Dragons Toybox


    An heirloom gift - our hand-painted toy box with safety-hinged lid and three striking faces of artwork. Includes a safety feature to protect small fingers and brass handles on both sides. Ideal for dressing up clothes, toys, board games, bedlinen or towels - it's multi-purpose.

    This lovely box can be personalised with a child's name (single word only) which appears on the lid of the Toybox. You will be asked to enter the child's name when adding this item to the trolley. Leave field blank if you do not want it personalised.

  • Dragons Townhouse


    We tried to replicate a beautiful London townhouse - like those found in Brompton Square in Knightsbridge. The Dragons Townhouse is a tall, elegant home, full of classical furniture, electricity, food in the pantry and a ready-made family and home help! We can hand paint your child's name on the front to make it totally personal and unique. There are 5 floors comprising of staff kitchen in the basement, drawing room, bathroom, master bedroom and nursery on the top floor with a fine, beatifully crafted staircase that travels from the basement to the nursery. The real magic occurs at nightime when the lights twinkle through the curtains! This is a little girl's dream doll's house.

    The Dragons Townhouse is an heirloom piece, hand made in England and takes approximately 8 weeks to build and furnish.

  • Single William Bed


    Our classic boys' bed with its hand-turned posts and inlaid footboard provides the perfect frame for our artwork - especially some of our adventurous pirate scenes!

    The sturdy design can cope with even the most boisterous of boys, but just in case we ensure you have peace of mind with a seven-year guarantee. This bed includes a quality pocket sprung mattress but there is also a optional trundle bed (or drawer) to fit underneath (mattress 87cm x 176cm).

  • Bedside Cupboard


    Perfect with a lamp on the top, next to a cot or a bed, this cupboard is like a tardis and can store an enormous amount of toys and goodies inside. It also has a single shelf.

  • Ludwig Lampbase


    Our artists love painting this lampbase because it gives them so much room to get creative. A real Dragons' favourite. This accessory can add a lovely accent to any theme of a room. 

    Please note that the lampshade is priced seperately.  

  • Cambridge Toybox


    Our popular Cambridge Toy box offers you one face of artwork instead of three, and cut out handles instead of brass handles - for £176 less than our Classic Toybox. (in our non licensed artwork). The Cambridge has the same safety features as our other toyboxes - a safety-hinged lid and a cut-out edge to protect small fingers from getting caught. It is ideal for dressing up clothes, toys, board games, bedlinen or towels - it's mult-purpose!

    This lovely box can be personalised with a child's name (single word only) which appears on the lid of the toy box. You will be asked to enter the child's name when adding this item to the trolley. Leave that field blank if you do not want it personalised.

    The current image shows this toy box brush finished in Briar Pink and is priced 20% higher at £630.00 including VAT. If you are interested in brush finishing your toy box,  please call or visit our showroom and we'll walk you through the different colour options. 

  • Regency Wardrobe


    Our most adorable and extraordinary wardrobe from the latest Regency collection hand painted in the style of a dolls house which you won't want to place in the corner of the room! 

    Complete with a pediment on top, it also features a chest of three drawers at the bottom and a cupboard on top with a rail inside for hanging precious clothing. This is one to last years!

  • Large Bureau Bookcase


    Two words....truly stunning. This large bureau bookcase is the ultimate gift for the bookworm in your house, enabling them to write, read and display their most treasured possessions. A truly fabulous piece of furniture which no doubt looks just as good for adults as it does for children. 

  • Henfield Chair - Optional Cushion


    We have an emotional attachment to Henfield because it's a pretty little village near our studio in West Sussex. We've tried to contain all the charm of Henfield in this adult-size chair which goes beautifully with our writing table and desks.The back of the chair has hand-turned spindles and can be painted in colours to match your scheme.  Perfect for that growing-up teen, this chair is an Intricate and delicate addition to any bedroom. For those children who are a little more diligent than others, a padded cushion can be added to ensure homework isn't quite as painful as it could be!

  • Balmoral Lampbase


    Not as much space to showcase your artwork but a lamp for a more traditional room. Enough space to have accent colours or the odd character painted on.

    Please note that the lampshade is priced seperately.   

  • Scroll Back Chair


    After years of manufacturers shutting down UK operations in favour of cheaper labour and materials overseas, it's nice to see the whole Made in Britain tag making something of a resurgence.

    We can bang the drum too because this scroll-back chair is 100 per cent made on these shores. With an elegant arch backwards, no other chair is quite as comfortable and is as much at home in the corner of a bedroom as it is behind a desk.

    Available with natural wooden legs or in a clean white finish, the chair is upholstered in a generous 2m of fabric of your choice.

  • Georgian Dolls House


    Even Kevin McCloud would be lost for words at this grand design – a beautifully bespoke Georgian dolls house complete with working lights, a marble hallway and silk curtains. The doll's house is spread across 3 floors and a loft featuring 6 spacious rooms and a luxurious bathroom. The exterior of the Dolls House is painted with faux marble pillars to accentuate the Georgian features.

    Dragons of Walton Street has been making bespoke furniture in the heart of London for more than 30 years and this elegant dolls house has no rival.

    Your child will be enthralled at the level of detail which has gone into this sumptuous miniature home, providing them with hour upon hour of fun and memories.

    This is a truly wonderful birthday or Christmas gift and we can personalise it with your child’s name painted on the front. Each house normally takes 12 weeks to build and decorate. It’s certainly an easier way to get your children onto the property ladder.

  • Walton Park Dolls House


    Perfect in of London's finest (and smallest) houses comes up for sale.

    Designed by Lucinda Croft in tandem with interiors' icon Nina Campbell and comprising a bijou 6,045 sq inches, this exquisite dolls' house is launched to the open market with a guide price of £25,000. It comes with a complete set of particulars drawn up by Savills. We are taking offers for one delivery before Christmas and orders for delivery in 2017.

    Featuring a real marble entrance hall, individually laid parquet flooring and with remote control lighting, Walton Park is the ultimate long as you're no bigger than 3cms tall.

    With an average of 35 separate interior design decisions needed for each of the 15 rooms, the incredible attention to detail proves that size isn't everything. 10% of the sales price will be going to the London based youth charity The St Michael’s Centre, only 2 miles from the Dragons front door. You can start supporting this wonderful work by clicking here. Or contact us here and we will send you a prospectus.

    The house comes complete with all furnishings as seen in the photographs plus more and a glamorous ready-made family (mother, father and two children).

  • Regency Chest of Drawers

    • Proudly presenting our latest Regency collection of nursery furniture designed in house by our talented interior designers. This elegant chest of drawers is traditionally made with smooth pull-out drawers (please note the design does not allow for these to be on runners). This piece and the rest of the Regency Collection are only available in our exclusive brush finish Antique White (or another colour of your choice) and artwork can be added according to your choice. Please speak to our team for details or click below and send us a message.

      A lot of our clients buy this as part of a holy trinity - the changer with the chest of drawers, cot bed and nursing chair. If you only had these three pieces you wouldn't go far wrong. The changer is detachable and rests on top of the chest for the months you will need it.

      Tie in your luxury nursery scheme with hand painted artwork - you have a wide variety, but also have the option to do whatever you like, call us for a bespoke quote!

  • Ascot Chair


    Ever since we started trading in 1979, this Ascot chair has been one of our favourites. An ideal nursing chair which can then sit in any bedroom for storytime...perfect for dads too.

    The padded, deep-button back chair offers plenty of support for breast-feeding. This comes with either a pleated skirt, which goes all the way to the floor, or with pretty Queen Anne legs without a skirt.

    There are numerous fabric options available and we also sell an upholstered footstool to go alongside (priced seperately).

  • Waste Bin


    All rooms are about detail. It's wonderful having the big four-poster bed but sometimes it's nice to see that a theme or a trend has carried right the way through. Don't miss out on the detail by ensuring everything from a paper bin to a tissue box gets the Dragons' treatment.

    Our bin comes with artwork on all four sides.

  • Computer Desk


    Our computer desk is much chunkier than our other desks and designed to cope with whatever your child or growing teen can throw at it. The middle drawer slides out to reveal a compartment to place your computer on. For those with laptops they can simply put the lid down, slide it away and then lock it in place. As with all Dragons' furniture, the real wow factor comes when our artists get to work!

    Contact the showroon if you would like us to paint a bespoke design like Geared For Boys shown in one of the pictures. These one of a kind designs are priced on application.

  • Floor Standing Lampbase


    The bigger it is the more fun you can have with the artwork. This floor-standing lampbase will light up the corner of any bedroom. Slim and long, it allows for trims at the base, middle and the top. A classic look and can be just as effective in the living room, playroom or the bedroom.

    Please note that the lampshade is priced seperately. 

  • Ascot Stool


    The perfect accompaniment to the Ascot chair, this footstool is for those blissful moments when you get to put your feet up. We have all been there in the middle of the night, desperate for them to fall asleep, so if you can't beat them join them!

    As for extra sparkle, this footstool had its own spread in Hello! Magazine thanks to one of our most glamorous clients, supermodel Natalia Vodianova, installing it in her incredible nursery.

  • Square Tissue Box


    All rooms are about detail. It's wonderful to see the theme of the room carried right the way through to the accessories. Our tissue box is not only practical but a lovely piece to appreciate every time you reach for a tissue!

    Your tissue box has artwork on all four sides. Two characters and two other addenda artworks to complete the look.

  • Writing Table


    Our dainty writing table wouldn't look out of place in Downton Abbey. A truly wonderfuly addition to any bedroom, this ornate piece of furniture has echoes of a completely different era. 

    This piece is perfect for homework but can double up as a dressing table as well.  The artwork shown here is our licensed Flower Fairies design whcih retails for £1,579.90

  • Luxury Chaise


    Our Luxury Chaise has been designed for ultimate comfort either for a new mummy or for anyone else in the family!  With a sturdy wooden frame and plump sumptious cushions, upholstered in this contemporary unisex antique-white fabric, this is a perfect, super comfortable chaise to put your feet up and rest. Heavenly and extremely luxurious. 

  • Original Watercolours Framed


    Our artists know all of the Dragons' characters inside out. They have painted African Safari on thousands of occasions and created a million different landscapes for Barbara's Bunnies to sit in. 

    So as well as getting your favourite characters on your beds, desks and mirrors, our talented team can recreate the magic in a bespoke picture too. This painting comes framed in white with a ocean blue/yellow inner mount.

  • Round Lampshade


    This lampshade is handmade and takes hours to complete with its balloon lining and bindings at the top and bottom. A smooth finish, it works very well with patterned fabrics, especially Flower Fairies.

  • Pencil Box


    Our pencil box has artwork on the top and inside the lid as seen. This lovely box can be personalised with a child's name (single word only) to make it extra special. Do write the name in or leave blank. And choose from a variety of artwork - or call our showroom to discuss your own idea or to discover more artwork for all ages not seen online.

  • Square Lampshade


    A great way to ensure your room 'comes together' as this lampshade enables you to match the fabrics as well as show off some of your child's favourite characters.

    The main photo shows this shade in our licensed Flower Fairies design whcih retails at £174.00.

  • Hairclip Board


    This unique board is designed to hold the myriad of hair ties needed for every girl about town! The metal butterflies in each of the corners are specifically designed to hold hair bands and the ribbon for clips and alice bands. Launched in October 2014 for the super organised Mummies who don't want to hunt for a hair tie in the morning, this is a new 'must have' for every girl's bedroom. You can customise with a fabric of your choice if you come into the showroom or call us on +44 (0)203 544 2000 - online it is available in the Dragons Pink Gingham with pale pink ribbon as seen.

  • Speedy Le Mans Car

    These shiny toy racing cars will make the perfect addition to your child's toy box. Choose from a Super Blue or a Power Red!