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Repainting & Restoration

Dragons furniture has now been in circulation for over 35 years and we love taking our pieces back for repainting and restoration. Our clients often pass them to their family members or to the next generation and our repainting service can make them feel like new. Such is the quality of joinery, we regularly take back furniture over 20 years old for repainting!

Sometimes we are asked to recreate exactly the same artwork as on the original, or clients choose a new age-appropriate design from our portfolio of artwork including a different base colour. Sometimes we are asked to repaint a piece of furniture that is not being used in a child's room, but instead is for the parent, an elder sibling or the guest room! So all things are possible. Our team of artists are highly skilled at restoring pieces that have been a bit knocked and bumped over the years and our normal approach is either to touch them up, or to brush finish them in entirity, by hand, followed by the artwork. Email us here with a list of your furniture, your preferred choice of artwork and the address where the furnitire is located and needs redelivering to and we will happily send you a quotation. If you have a chair or a table that needs some care and attention, please also send us photos so we can see the level of work that may be required.

Repainting prices are typically half the retail price published here or in our Price List. We love taking on bespoke projects and these plus any smaller touch ups are quoted for on a case by case basis.