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  • Floor Standing Lampbase


    The bigger it is the more fun you can have with the artwork. This floor-standing lampbase will light up the corner of any bedroom. Slim and long, it allows for trims at the base, middle and the top. A classic look and can be just as effective in the living room, playroom or the bedroom.

    Please note that the lampshade is priced seperately. 

  • Balmoral Lampbase


    Not as much space to showcase your artwork but a lamp for a more traditional room. Enough space to have accent colours or the odd character painted on.

    Please note that the lampshade is priced seperately.   

  • Ludwig Lampbase


    Our artists love painting this lampbase because it gives them so much room to get creative. A real Dragons' favourite. This accessory can add a lovely accent to any theme of a room. 

    Please note that the lampshade is priced seperately.  

  • Night Light


    This hand made night light is a winner, made and hand painted in Sussex UK, it is available with a pale blue or pale pink roof with the first name of your child painted on it - when the lights are turned off it gives off a magical light!

    You will be asked to enter the child's name (single word please) when you add this product to your basket, but please leave that field blank if you do not want it personalised.

  • Square Lampshade


    A great way to ensure your room 'comes together' as this lampshade enables you to match the fabrics as well as show off some of your child's favourite characters.

    The main photo shows this shade in our licensed Flower Fairies design whcih retails at £174.00.

  • Round Lampshade


    This lampshade is handmade and takes hours to complete with its balloon lining and bindings at the top and bottom. A smooth finish, it works very well with patterned fabrics, especially Flower Fairies.