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Moses Baskets and Bassinets

Our moses baskets and bassinets are all upholstered and hand made in England, using ultra soft cotton and trimmed using our range of soft, pale gingham and patterned fabrics. Our wicker baskets are strong and safe and will give your baby a cosy place to sleep until they are about 3 months old. Our range of luxury bassinets are also made using beautiful silk and lace carefully selected by our interior design team.

  • Moses Basket Stand


    The perfect companion to your Dragons of Walton Street moses basket, this wooden fold-up stand is painted in white and perfectly designed to place your basket on.

    The A-frame has a circular holding strap at the top to retain the basket in place and can be folded up and stored when not needed - giving you vital extra space.

  • Moses Basket Rocking Stand


    If your baby loves being rocked to sleep then this wooden rocking stand is a must-have to complement your moses basket.

    Wooden, painted in white and with a circular holding frame at the top to ensure the basket stays in place, this rocking stand will help make the most of your lullabies.

    Please note that this stand does not fold-up.


    Length: 35cm
    Width: 46cm
    Height: 30cm